Small businesses in Oregon continue to lose against an abusive democrat leadership in Salem. Oregon Co-Chairs for President Trump Campaign signal for a change.

Salem, Oregon. Oregon’s Co-Campaign Chairs for President Trump; Representative Greg Barreto, Representative E. Werner Reschke and Representative Vikki Breese Iverson urge the one party rulers in Salem to stand up for small business not try to ruin them.

The deck is stacked against small businesses in Oregon and the democratic leadership in Salem continues to ignore the real cause.

“As President Trump works to bring back American manufacturing and promote American independence, we find our state refusing to help Oregon companies. The state has many tools at its disposal for helping our companies and small businesses in Oregon. The Governor and her leadership team refuse to help companies and small businesses.” Said Vikki Breese Iverson, House District 55, Prineville.

President Trump’s actions are to serve the American people in all communities. Democratic leadership in Oregon works to serve only their masters; big union bosses.

“Companies need a simple and workable plan to follow while opening back up for business. Instead they get even more regulations and complicated rules to follow. The COVID curve has been unbelievably flat in Oregon. But it seems that all the focus has been on that aspect while the states dependence on small business has been completely neglected if not abused. Keeping people alive while killing an economy is no solution for a secure future. The state has an economic responsibility in allowing all of our small businesses to stay alive rather than picking winners and losers, overburdening them and sucking the life from them. Give them a simple, solid and responsible reopening plan and allow them the freedom to thrive.” Said Representative Greg Barreto, House District 58 Cove.

President Trump has promised to help all communities in every state, not just the blue ones or the red ones. As we move to re-open Oregon’s economy slowly, it is incumbent upon the leadership of this state to not chose winners and losers but all companies that employ people and pay taxes.

“Governor Brown continues to dictate that science will determine opening our economy not politics. This is untrue. The County Phase 1 reopening was not completely based on the numbers, but in some instances had a heavy hand of revenge politics. The economic path to getting our economy started again should start with tax breaks, hiring bonuses, and many other tools to get people off unemployment. Instead our democratic leadership chooses a slow opening with no incentives for businesses or employees to go back to work.” Said Rep. E. Werner Reschke, House District 56 Klamath Falls.

The co-chairs continue to ask Governor Brown to make local control and decision making key to our economy getting back to some sense of normal. Congress and President Trump intended that CARES Act funding was supposed to help counties and cities at the local level as well, Governor Brown refuses to send money down to small counties only protect the liberal cities of Portland and Eugene. 

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