Vikki Breese-Iverson Republican for State Representative District 55

Representing the hard working people of rural oregon


All Of

Crook County

Parts Of

Jackson County
Deschutes County
Klamath County
Lake County

Vikki is

Endorsed by:

  • Oregon Right to Life PAC
  • Oregon Farm Bureau Federation
  • Crook County Commissioner Jerry Brummer
  • Crook County Commissioner Brian Barney
  • Crook County Judge Seth Crawford
  • Deschutes County Commissioner Tony DeBone
  • Deschutes County Commissioner Patti Adair 
  • Klamath County Commissioner Kelley Minty Morris 
  • Klamath County Commissioner Derrick DeGroot
  • Lake County Commissioner Bradley Winters 
  • Lake County Commissioner Mark Albertson
  • Jackson County Commissioner Colleen Roberts
  • Jackson County Commissioner Bob Strosser
  • Jackson County Commissioner Rick Dyer
  • Jann Hopkins
  • School Board Member Doug Smith
  • Prineville Mayor Steve Uffelman
  • Prineville City Councilor Jason Beebe

“Rep. Breese-Iverson is someone we can count on. She listens, she’s thoughtful, and she has our back.”​

Kelley Minty Morris

Klamath County Commissioner

“Rep. Breese-Iverson has been a tireless worker and incredible advocate for the constituents in her district and the entire State of Oregon.”​

Rick Dyer

Jackson County Commissioner

“Vikki fights for our rural way of life in a way that is impactful and effective. It's easy to be a vocal critic, it's much more challenging to actually get things done. I applaud Rep. Breese-Iverson for actually getting things done.”​

Kelley Minty Morris

Klamath County Commissioner

“Vikki has worked very hard addressing the needs of Prineville. We need her strengths and abilities working for us in Salem.”​

Steve Uffelman

Prineville Mayor

“Vikki is an honest proven leader that works tirelessly for Oregon and the District she represents. She will make the tough decisions even if it's not popular. This is what makes Vikki Breese-Iverson a true leader.”​

Bradley J. Winters

Lake County Commissioner

"Vikki is a go getter. She believes in our Constitution, our people, and what is right for America. I fully support her run for election and look forward to seeing her in office!"

Jann Hopkins

"Vikki understands the needs of Oregonians in District 55 and has fought hard to perserve those values. I support her 100%."

Jason Beebe

Prineville City Councilor

"Vikki is a hard working Representative that goes above and beyond to make sure our local voices are heard at the State level."

Jerry Brummer

Crook County Commisioner

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