Vikki Shares Issues She's Passionate About

Protecting Our 2nd Ammendment

I am a concealed weapon permit holder, and have been for over 25 years, I strongly stand up for our 2nd amendment rights.

Protecting Private Property Rights

I am a strong advocate for private property rights, this includes water rights. Farmers and Ranchers far to often are ignored in Salem when it comes to property and water rights. I will work to introduce legislation to strengthen property and water rights. As a 5th generation Rancher, I get it and am a friend to our community in every way possible to continue our way of life.

Fighting Against Government Overspending

Government in Salem has been overrun by Portland Liberals that want spending for every pet project they can think of. We saw this tremendous overreach in the 2019 Legislature. I will be working to fight wasteful programs and working to tighten the government's spending belts like we all have to do in our business and personal budgets.

Fighting for Our Right To Choose

From Right to Life to forcing immunizations in bulk to kids, our state's liberal politicians are not learning that people choose to be left alone when it comes to making very personal, faithful decisions. We need a common sense approach to these problems that puts people first, not politicians agendas.

Advocating for Transportation Improvements

Most of House District 59 is rural and therefore our roadways and state highways tend to not get the maintenance and attention they deserve. There should be some equality in how this is handled. I will be working on a bills that will help solidify the expansion of maintenance and construction of roads for our rural communities.

Protecting Our Tax Cuts

The legislature will continue to try and take away the kicker tax. We need to strongly fight against that and make sure that our state government does not believe they can spend our money better than we can.

"Vikki is an honest proven leader that works tirelessly for Oregon and the District she represents. She will make the tough decisions even if it's not popular. This is what makes Vikki Breese-Iverson a true leader."

Commissioner Bradley J. Winters | Lake County, Oregon

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