Revenue forecast beats odds thanks to resilient Oregonians while highlighting failures of big budget government agencies

SALEM, Ore. – House Republican Leader Christine Drazan (R-Canby) released the following statement in response to the November state revenue forecast announced today.

The state revenue continues to exceed expectations, accelerating to record levels and triggering another kicker. Oregonians are earning more income in a stronger economy so they’re paying more taxes, giving the state record collections. However, state economists warn there is an increased risk of the economy overheating because of

“It’s clear from this strong revenue forecast that Oregonians are incredibly resilient and should be commended,” said Leader Drazan. “Many people have navigated difficult circumstances to find jobs, helping our economy rebound. Employment levels returning to pre-pandemic years is exactly what families and businesses needed. Unfortunately, inflation is a warning sign that a downturn is around the corner and we must proceed cautiously with our state budget.

One fact we can’t overlook is even with all this taxpayer money state government is not improving. State agencies are overspending record budgets but coming up short for Oregonians. Many critical agencies continue to fail at delivering core services and operate functionally on behalf of Oregon students, families and businesses.”

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