Representative Breese-Iverson protects safety and security of real estate transactions during 2022 Session

PRINEVILLE, Ore. – Representative Vikki Breese-Iverson (R-Prineville) is highlighting successful legislation upon adjournment of the 2022 Legislative Session, while acknowledging missed opportunities for Oregonians.

“All Oregonians should have confidence when they enter into a real estate transaction,” said Rep. Breese-Iverson. “By increasing the fine for operating without a license, we will protect home buyers and sellers from fraud. I’m grateful for the bipartisan support to pass this legislation, but there is more we should have been able to do to improve Oregonians’ lives by lowering the cost of living, reducing crime and improving education. I am hopeful there will be more balance in Salem next year to make better progress.”

HB 4103 increases the fine for a violation of doing real estate business without a license. Many laws and regulations exist to ensure safe transactions, keeping the home buying process fair and equitable, and limit the risk of fraud to consumers. Licensed real estate agents uphold these rules to protect Oregonians.

Among Rep. Breese-Iverson’s accomplishments for House District 55 includes an investment of $4.4 million for the Crook County Courthouse.

Rep. Breese-Iverson also introduced HB 4100 to give Oregonians more oversight on the Governor’s selection of a Superintendent of State Police.

Additional Republican legislation supported by Rep. Breese-Iverson and passed by the Legislature includes: allowing police to stop riots again, exempt struggling local pharmacies from paying the corporate activity tax, ensures affordable dental care for veterans and prevent mothers from receiving surprise medical bills for out-of-network births.

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