Newest Revenue Forecast Shows Record Tax Receipts and a Concerning Outlook

SALEM, Ore. – House Republican Leader Vikki Breese-Iverson and Senate Republican Leader Tim Knopp issued the following statements in response to the final economic revenue forecast of Governor Brown’s administration.

“No one feels confident or secure in the December Economic and Revenue Forecast. While job numbers continue to rebound from the global pandemic, we know federal government stimulus is ending, and personal savings is diminishing. All while, here in Oregon, families are continuing to see their gas, grocery and tax bills go up. This is a time to be both cautious and prepared should the recession become severe.”

Senate Republican Leader Knopp added, “Hard-working Oregonians continue to pay the price of high inflation and take the brunt of the current recession. The upcoming legislative budget and policy decisions made around the economy must be focused on relieving their burden, not adding to it.”

Leader Breese-Iverson concluded, “Oregonians spoke in the recent election by breaking the supermajority in the legislature. Republicans will respond in the upcoming legislative session by holding strong against growing government or taxes.”

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